Generation Flux – Reboot your Organization For Success Now

Do you ever have a day when you walk into your office and you simply wish you could reboot the company, association, or organization to wipe out all the old and start fresh? The cover of Fast Company Magazine this month is calling this “Generation Flux”. With that as the energy we are bombarded with in every form of media, now is the time to choose to flex versus resist it. I was recently at an event where the speaker said vulnerability is the new sexy. After laughing a bit we realized it is true. Now is the time to embrace fully your opportunity as a leader to change. Now is time to reboot. Why change? Well quite honestly because we can’t not change. Or if you choose not to change you will inevitably go the way of the dinosaur.

How to live in generation flux? Give yourself permission to reboot. Take a risk and do things differently. Instead of working tied behind your desk all day take your old school legal pad, or ipad or notebook pc out to the park go work in your car or at the library for an hour. Change up your environment to look at things differently. Ask yourself: If time was not an issue and you could truly do anything, what would you do? Look at all the things that box you in and try to determine how you can do things differently.

To reboot your PC you hit a three stroke combination: CTRL + + ALT+ Delete. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that with your organization? I’m here to tell you that you can.

First, look down at the CTRL key. Push it. Yes, decide that you are going to push down and release the things that        you want to control. Perhaps it’s the business plan, the budget, the people – all of it. The style of control and command will not work anymore so let it go.

Next, look at alternate solutions. Most of the organizations I work with are consistently talking and sharing best practices. What I know for sure is that if you give me two of your best practices of yesterday, I guarantee if you do them today you will not get the same results. The people, ideas and relationships are simply too different now. Take time to sit down with two of your best practices and create them into a new next practice.

Lastly, delete. I give all due credit to the countless generations that have brought our companies and associations to this place. We must erase the white board of both what our past was and what we thought our future would be in order to truly embrace and advance to a new future. There are many ways to do this. One way is to delete the word “no” from your organization. For the clients that I work with we take “no” out of the boardroom and open our minds to explore all new possibilities.

In this time of “Generation Flux” don’t get overwhelmed. Simply release control, look at alternate solutions and delete what you thought it would be to allow for something even greater. I know you can do this, now is the time, reboot for success.

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